Baseball and Softball Sports Performance Training

Baseball and Softball Strength and Conditioning Group Class (Middle and High School)

CLASS TIME: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 5:30pm
CLASS DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nights @ 5:30pm
INSTRUCTORS: Jimmy Keutzer
WHO IS IT FOR? Middle and High School Ages - Class is specifically designed for Baseball and Softball Players
LOCATION: Kansas City Athlete Training @ 735 North Chestnut Ave. Kansas City Missouri 64120
PRICE: $25.00 per athlete per class or part of our Unlimited Monthly Rates


The Kansas City Athlete Training Baseball and Softball Strength & Conditioning program is a 16 week strength and conditioning program designed to maximize force production and mobility specifically for baseball and softball athletes. The program is broken into 4 phases that each last one month. Although the program covers 16 weeks athletes may join at any time with the understanding the focus changes each month.


Phase 1: (Control) Phase 1 established a baseline for the athletes with simple and compound movements using the 1x20 method. Developed by teacher and sports performance trainer Dr. Michael Yessis, the objective is to target all the joints and muscle groups and their actions in an effort to develop motor learning. With strength training (or any sports related skill), the more you do something, the faster the adaptation comes. A big highlight of the 1×20 program is that it keeps reps high but intensity low. The athlete’s goal for every lift is to reach the end rep count of 20 utilizing perfect form. If at any point the athlete's form begins to fail they immediately stop the exercise and move to the next. Adequate recovery time will be given between sets for the athletes. The goal of Phase 1 is for the athlete to establish control and mastery in the simple and complex movements before additional load is added later in the program.


Phase 1 utilizes pieces of Triphasic training in its weekly workouts. TriPhasic training, developed by Cal Diez, focuses on utilizing the breakdown of the three distinct muscle movements. These movements being Isometrics, eccentrics, and concentrics. The first three days of the week will have one of the muscular movements assigned to that day and the athletes will apply these for the listed exercise. At the end of each week a deload and mobility session is performed by the athletes to develop the necessary range of motions needed for baseball.


Phase 2-4: TBA, Phase 2-4 is currently undergoing a rewrite to accommodate a 16 week program. Phases 2-4 will move away from the 1x20 method into a more traditional pyramidal training. TriPhasic Training will be incorporated with phases 2-4. Each phase will have a 4 week schedule with the last week consisting of a deload and mobility week that has a built in testing period.


Testing: Baseline testing will be done after Phase 1 is complete and additionally after every subsequent phase. Testing will include timing metrics of speed and agility along with muscular strength testing.

  • Speed testing will consist of a timed 10, 20, and 40 yard sprint, as well as a 5-10-5.
  • Muscular Strength Training will consist of a one rep deadlift max and hanging for time.
  • Testing will take place on the last day of each phase during the deload and mobility week.


Goals of the Kansas City Athlete Training Baseball and Softball Strength & Conditioning: The goal of the offseason program is to prime both the muscular and neurologic systems of the athletes and prepare them to handle the load of the baseball and softball season. Force production and range of motion will be heavily emphasized during the time the athletes have with the program. While heavy load is important for training athletes in the offseason, an emphasis on adequate load adaptation should be considered with a higher priority. Having the athlete be able to handle a load throughout multiple/different segments of their body over a duration of time repetitively is often an overlooked factor when offseason training is considered.  With that, proper joint centration and biomechanic will be taught and implemented throughout the 16 weeks of the program.



The information provided with the Kansas City Athlete Training Baseball and Softball Strength & Condiitiong program is not intended to replace any medical advice or input. All Medical/Health conditions should be talked about to a medical or healthcare provider before starting the program. All medical and health issues must be presented to the training staff beforehand. All exercises and athletic events involve some risk and are not completely safe. If you are not able to perform physically or metally, consult with your medical or healthcare provider before attempting the program. Jimmy Keutzer and Kansas City Athlete Training disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the use of this program or any advice herein.