Personal Sports Training

Kansas City Athlete Training offers personal sports training leassons for athletes in a variety of sports.


Serious athletes have one primary focus – they want to reach their highest potential. Whether they are hoping to bag a starting position or just earn a spot on a team, personal training can help them achieve their goals. We do offer some oustanding Football Specific Classes which are group classes for football players however other athletes who want an edge or feel that a particular area of their game is not receiving the kind of attention it needs. Personal one-on-one training lessons may be the answer to all these problems.


What are private lessons?

Private training lessons are programs created for individual players that are tailored to their specific needs. Our instructors will be able to correct the most minor technical imperfections because of the one-on-one nature of the lessons. Players can choose to focus all the training attention on 40 yard dash training, speed, agility or fundamentals or football fundamentals. Practice makes perfect in any sport. However, practicing the wrong stance or moves over time can only be detrimental. Perfect practice is the need of the hour for serious athletes. Private coaching is often considered the best way to iron out all the chinks and achieve goals.


Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

Private lessons are designed with an individual’s training needs in mind plus offer one-on-one attention from the instructor. Group lessons need to follow a broader training routine that encompasses the needs of multiple players. If you have very specific training goals, personal training lessons may be the best idea for you. Small group lessons include 2 to 4 students who have the same training needs to focus on. While private lessons are a good idea for players who want instructors to concentrate on their specific demands, group lessons also have many advantages. Group lessons are a better idea as compared to regular team training lessons, and they are more cost-effective as compared to personal football training programs.



Unlike our group class payment and registration. Private Lessons must be scheduled in advance by calling the Kansas City Athlete Training and scheduling a session.

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